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Solar Thermal Heating of Existing Buildings

Inspired by solar-heated Anasazi Cliff Dwellings and working with three DOE grants in the ‘70s, we developed a cost-effective passive solar collector that attached to sunny walls. The system substantially reduced carbon footprints and heating bills. From this concept, I innovated the Universal Solar Thermal Cladding System®, AKA The Solar Bubble®

The Universal Solar Thermal Cladding® is now a proven passive technology. It is a retrofit collector made of an aluminum spaceframe with a double membrane stretched over it. The Solar Bubble Collector becomes a tension structure when inflated and circulates heated air inside the building.

Buildings everywhere can heat themselves by collecting the solar thermal energy that normally washes off their walls and roofs. The Solar Bubble® is a retrofit kit adaptable to everything from residential homes to big box stores.

The Solar Bubble®, has the potential to create change on a global level. In partnership with environmental activist change-makers, architects, engineers, and other solar innovators, we can be a force multiplier that will enable The Solar Bubble® to become a common retrofit structure on homes and buildings.

This collaboration will greatly reduce carbon emissions while lowering heating costs. This will inspire others to create additional solar thermal retrofits.